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mysz podstawowa bezprzewodowa do gamingu 320z艂

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88,9 g (sama mysz)
112,3 g z 1 bateri膮 AA
135,7 g z 2 bateriami AA

Nie potrzebnie czepiasz si臋 wagi ?

Zreszt膮 nie masz w zasadzie z czego wybiera膰 bo prawie ka偶da jest przewodowa.

Eneloop PRO 2xAA聽(2500 mAh) dokup od razu akumulatorki.

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G703 uses rechargable Li-ion batteries, capable of being charged through USB in addition to the Powerplay option.

G703 uses the PMW3366 sensor, while the G603 uses a new sensor named "HERO".

G603 uses two AA batteries (can optionally use only one), and does not allow recharging in any way.

G603 also has no RGB lighting.

G603 supports bluetooth as an alternative to Lightspeed.

G603's main buttons are not separated from the top cover due to its design

G603 comes in grey, while G703 only comes in black or white

Pricing different between the two is also quite significant.



Troch臋 lepsza, por贸wnaj sobie.

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