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Secondly, use higher-defence armour until you become proficient at Prayer shifting at TDS, then change to Void. How would you're good at prayer switching? If they're attacking with melee and then they roar then you have to guess between variety or OSRS gold mage. If your guess is correct then it is good but when it's wrong then you are likely going to take damage before you switch again...

Correct me if I am wrong... it is exactly what I read on manuals I never moved to there or even done the quest yet. That is how I do it. So it's a blueprint and they don't just switch their strikes randomly, right? Nah it is random, it's just they don't actually hit with melee in any way, therefore it's better to plead agaisnt magic or range. If they're about to start ranging, if they roar, a tiny bone shard thing will appear, and move upwards, though it can be a little tricky to spot sometimes. Keep an eye out if the demon's simply been meleeing.

At slayer tower you'd kill them faster with melee so if that's what you need go with that path. Armor should be your best magic protection (Attack is melee but it's defense relies off magic so d'hide and so on ) or in case you really feel like praying (Bit of a waste unless you're combating the mutated ones with a cannon) then best prayer protection and pray protect melee. For weapons go with your greatest slash weapon.

However I personally could do range since they're quite amazing for array xp being basically giant meatsacks. Furthermore, there are lots of semi-safespots throughout the slayer tower to array them from. As you'd be trying to Buy RS gold safespot them (Obtaining them captured onto walls, piles of rubble and these as they take two squares) go to your best range bonus equipment, archer helm/robin, best dragonhide, snakeskin boots/ranger.

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