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I spent the first day just playing for fun and聽OSRS gold powertrained the previous 3 days with slayer. I went from 65 to 70 atk, also from 25 to 45 slayer. C'mon, guy. He could have made it from turning, heck, he could have bought gold. Dude, somethings simply wrong with your coaching in general. Powertraining in 3 times should not get you up about 10K slayer exp, I get that in about one hour. Although, I figure, in your level, my poor, took me around five/six:3.

And exactly what do you mean about cows? Is that how you've been coaching? Can you tell us how you train? Most people don't visit GWD till they're level CB 100 and that's normally in a 10 man team. 3 things: Conspicuous is proper. Torag's will not help you, you need karils/d hide. Could you please utilize RS Wiki just a LITTLE? (E.g. your queries on quest reqs... along with the gear req...)For fundamental stat wise, I would get 50+, it looks like that would only be Runecrafting and Woodcutting? I only took a brief look in the own signature. For GWD, I'd say such as 85+, since it seems like you have Extremes and some Chaotics, or at least one likely. . You'll need to get 70+ Agility in case you anticipate going to Sara GWD, and I would suggest 90+ Range for Arma. Everything looks pretty nice to GWD, you have Extremes, Piety, and Chaotics. So if you have some okay armour you should be OK. In respect to getting high stats, just do what you believe is essential, some quests require a particular level in a skill and also that quest may lead you to a fantastic weapon/armour/new area/etc.

You are really close to 99 fishing, and it'll only be trained quicker as you get it higher! So, maybe do some barbarian fishing or dwelling rock caverns to get this cape. Following is a really brief guide to show you the fastest levels it's possible to Buy RS gold .

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