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How to Earn EXP & Level Up Quickly in PSO2

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After starting Phantasy Star Online 2, you'll earn your first several levels fairly quickly, but PSO2 Meseta it's going slow down fast. Once you find yourself around level 30 or 40, then you're going to be wondering exactly what to do to make EXP the most efficiently. You can see what these are by selecting ARKS Missions in the Quests menu, or by pressing on ESC/F1 and then Shift (you can also set you own hotkey.)


These missions will walk you through basics like Expeditions, equiping gear, and more, so it is ideal to clear a number of these out first. At least up to this point at which you're requested to start clearing Exploration Quests. Whichever way you use to make EXP, you'll want to be sure you've got Expertise Boosters in place. There are several resources of Expertise Boost to keep track of: Use an EXP Earned +XXpercent Consumable thing, which can be purchased from other players in the Visiphone, earned from Missions/Titles, or swapped for in the Photon Drop Exchange Shop located at the Shopping Place 2nd Floor, or bought at the AC (Cash) Shop.


Play in a Party! - Partying up with randoms could be frustrating, but at teaming up at a full party of 4 provides a flat +40% EXP increase for all members. This should be achieved for Urgent Quests. Maintain your Daily Boost up - By completing Daily Client Orders in The Daily Order Officer, Tina, situated near Hans. Certain quests will give a 5% bonus named'Daily Boost', which can stack up to 10 times to get a maximum +50%. You are able to effectively'overcap' the limit up to 15 to buffer against the daily rust of this Daily Boost bonus.


You are able to earn an additional stacking Triboost result from watching Concerts when they happen in the Shopping Area. A Photonic Impact from your Alliances Photon Tree may be another increase to your EXP gains. We've already shown off Cofy and Marlu above, you should always be sure to keep at the top of Client Orders for Cofy along with your Class NPC as they can help familiarize you with the sorts of quests you'll do on a regular basis. These two will provide generic Client Orders requesting the participant to overcome certain monsters or bosses in exchange for Meseta (golden ) and Expertise.


Nowadays you do not need to do these one by one. In fact, there's a system set up to accept multiple customer orders simultaneously. As soon as you pick a specific Quest from Rebecca/Anneliese in the Quest Counter, you are able to select Client Orders in the globe icon in the menu, followed closely by'Orders that could Be Accept in the Fields of Ongoing Quests' (phew) to produce a list of all of the available Client Orders that can be completed at your destination. You can add Client Orders any moment between accepting a pursuit and can you buy meseta on pso2 heading into the Gateway Ship.

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