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Lenovo Y50-70 (15,6") seria IdeaPad Y

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Mniejszy model: - / większy model: Y70-70
Poprzedni model: -
Następca modelu: Y700-15
Podobny model: -

Kolory: -
Uwagi: Produkowany przez dwa lata z GTX 860M i GTX 960M


Testy i recenzje


Podstawowe modele
59-443982 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/1000 GTX960M
59-443984 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/1000/Win8.1 GTX960M FHD
59-443989 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/16GB/1000 GTX960M
59-443991 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/4GB/1000/Win8.1 GTX960M FHD
59-443994 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/8GB/256/Win8.1 GTX960M
59-443995 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/4GB/1000/Win8.1 GTX960M FHD
59-443996 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/8GB/1000/GTX960M FHD
59-445848 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/16GB/1000/Win10 GTX960M FHD
59-445849 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/256GB GTX960M
59-445849 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/16GB/256GB GTX960M (+8GB)
59-445852 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/256SSD/Win10 GTX960M FHD
59-445854 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/512SSD GTX960M UHD
59-445859 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/1000/Win10 GTX960M
59-445861 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/16GB/- GTX960M UHD
59-445863 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/4GB/1000/Win10 GTX960M - Q1 2015
59-445866 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/4GB/1000 GTX960M
59-445866 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/8GB/1000 GTX960M (+4GB)
59-445866 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/16GB/1000 GTX960M (+8GB)
59-445867 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/1000/Win10 GTX960M
59-445871 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/8GB/256 GTX960M - fabryczny SSD
59-445873 Lenovo Y50-70 i5-4210H/8GB/256SSD/Win10 GTX960M FHD
59-445875 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4720HQ/8GB/512SSD/Win10 GTX960M UHD

Starsze modele z 860M
59-439793 Lenovo Y50-70 i7-4710HQ/8GB/1000/DVD-RW/Win8.1 GTX860M

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